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A Swiss Independent Asset Manager

Swiss Banking Tradition


Switzerland’s economic and political stability as well as its world renown banking tradition are just two of the exclusive benefits Provalia Capital can offer. Domiciled in Geneva area, we ensure our clients the safety, confidentiality and privacy offered by Switzerland’s ideal private banking environment.

Regulated by the Swiss Authorities

As an independent Swiss Asset Manager, we are supervised by the Swiss SO-FIT and adhere to its regulations. Consequently, our clients enjoy the full protection of Swiss banking law – one of the most comprehensive when it comes to preserving privacy.

Dedicated to Security & Stability

Risk Management

The goals and risk limitations of each portfolio are determined together with the client. All necessary parameters are taken into account such as performance objectives, volatility, time-span, liquidity ...

Provalia Capital ensures that the client has the most adequate and competitive pricing with the minimum execution risk.

The firm monitors at all times the adequacy of the portfolio with the clients requested risk profile. Our clients have access to a full reporting on their portfolio as well as its associated risk.

Asset Security

Provalia Capital works with the highest standards of security as each individual client, firm or trust has a bank account in its own name in a leading Swiss Bank.

The firm can only operate under discretionary or advisory mandates and is only allowed to place trading orders for or on behalf of its clients. The designated client remains at all times, the only person or entity to have access to his funds at the Swiss Bank.

Provalia Capital Sarl: Authorized in Switzerland